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We have moved to a new host!

Use "telnet mud.tubmud.de 7680" to enter Tubmud now.

(You can also use the python mud client to connect to the mud.
Send any comments about it to Alfe @ Tubmud.)

Welcome to the Tubmud WWW-Homepage. Tubmud is the LPMud at the Department of Computer Science of the Technical University (TU) of Berlin, Germany.

Tubmud is one of the oldest LP-Muds (it started in 1990) and took its original backbone from Genesis in Sweden. Since this time, a lot of modifications have taken place in Tubmud, but also many things of these old days still exist.

Tubmud is officially accepted by the administration of the local computer network at the TU-Berlin as an autonomous social and software project. The software of Tubmud is continually updated and modified by the wizards of Tubmud, but the resources (computer, disk-space, net-link etc.) are provided by the Technical University of Berlin. We would like to note here that the administrators of the local network have been very cooperative and helpful during Tubmud's existence.

There is a map available of the mainland of Tubmud. This map is rather rough but gives an overview which can help finding unknown areas.
Who is currently playing Tubmud?

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