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Special thanks and greetings to Hepp@Tubmud, the creator of the wonderful picture of the Tubmud-community.

Thanks to:
Perle@Tubmud for some helpful hints and nice ideas.
Kilian@Tubmud for some hints where to find useful tools for setting up HTML-pages.
Hate@MorgenGrauen and Jof@MorgenGrauen for all that WWW-InterMud-Stuff.
Myron@Tubmud for some conversion and compilation work.
Neutron@Tubmud and the Public Domain for documentations and manuals.
Ereborn@Tubmud for the chronicle layout.
Alfe@Tubmud and Ugh@Tubmud for LPC-hints and -help.
Annabell@Tubmud for the detailed bibliography concerning muds.
Myxectbo@Tubmud for some conversion work.
Wizndestem@Tubmud for nice URLs.
Escalus@Tubmud for typo fixes and collecting stuff about muds.
Alfe@Tubmud for his pike-script for the help pages.

Last but not least thanks to Demos@Tubmud for talking about Tubmud's WWW-pages more than once and some translation help.

About the Pages

Tubmud's WWW-pages are designed for a resolution of at least 800*600 and the use of Cascading-Style-Sheets and JavaScript. If your browser can't handle css or java is turned off, the pages might appear a bit different (especially the colors of headlines and the menu), but they will be still readable. The pages were tested on MSIE 4.0, 5.0 and Netscape 4.5

Tubmud's WWW-pages are part of the World Wide Web information service of the Department of Computer Science of the Technical University (TU) of Berlin, Germany.


Comments on or contributes to Tubmud's WWW-pages are always welcome. We are especially thankful if you inform us about typos or errors. In any of this cases, send an electronic mail or a mud-mail to the persons who administrate the Tubmud WWW-pages (see the email link in the main menu) or talk to them directly in Tubmud.


Rene 'Hal' Laufer - Martina 'Trillian' Busch - Frank 'Surak' Motzkus

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