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If you want to learn how to code LPC or if you just want to see how the code looks like, you can download these LPC examples at the bottom of the page:

INDEX of Tubmud's LPC example area /players/examples

INDEX          : this file
README         : a description what this area is about
castle.c       : the castle of the example area

npc.c          : an inheritable NPC
room.c         : an inheritable room (it's just /complex/room)

contents       : a file listing the features of this area
map            : a map of this area
sins           : a file with famous LPC sins
structure      : some comments on the directory structure
todo           : a file containing things to do

null.c         : an empty storage file used for temporarily moving
                 objects into it

beerie.c       : an intelligent NPC (emphasis to 
                 set_feeling_reactions() and set_feeling_preventions())
butzie.c       : an intelligent NPC (emphasis to set_chat_reactions())

bu.c           : an object with emphasis to parser usage
butz.c         : ditto
disguise.c     : an object showing how filters work

bench_hut.c    : a room with a bench to sit on and under
chest_hut.c    : no special features yet (apart from a chest)
externy.c      : an example showing the usage of the extern data mech
faky.c         : emphasis to fake items
own_tdep.c     : timedependent room with selfdefined time phases
parsy.c        : parser and fake item action examples
replacy.c      : a demonstration of when to use replace_program()
roomy.c        : a room to fill with features in the future
start.c        : a normal room with emphasis to set_exits()
tdep4.c        : a timedependent room with four time phases

examples.h     : a general header file which is included by all files

Download the examples area here:
   - examples.zip (42 KB)
   - examples.tgz (31 KB)

If you want to install a homemud on your own computer, you can 
download a Tubmud mudlib and a driver here. The driver is available 
for Unix/Linux and Windows 32bit systems.
- ftp.tubmud.de 7681

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