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When a player reaches level 10, he can join one of the three clans in Tubmud as a member. The clans are the Beauty&Beast Clan, the Noldor Clan and last but not least, the Silverfox Clan. Clan members of your clan (but often members of other clans too) will help you if you are in trouble. Each clan has an own castle with bulletin boards, pubs or other nice rooms and is lead by the peers and their leader. As a member of a clan you often have a few advantages compared to other players. As an example you can get cheaper healings, weapons or certain potions in the clan castles. Which of these things apply depends on your clan.

Peers are High Level Players which reached level 20 and were worthy enough to be peers of the clan. Peers have an own private room in the castle of the clan. Within the ranking of the peers, there are several clan levels. Your rank as a peer can be raised by the leaders of your clan, but if you show misbehaviour it can be lowered too.

Each clan has its rules of conduct. For example the members of the Noldor Clan are not allowed to kill Elves in the world of Tubmud and the members of the Silverfox Clan are supposed to behave like honoured knights, always honest and just. The rules for all peers can be read here.

To be continued...

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