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As a player in Tubmud you are an adventurer in a medieval fantasy setting. You can solve quests, explore the surroundings, kill a few monsters or just chat with your fellows. When you login for the first time, you'll start at the King Georges Square in the City of Glandon. It is recommended that new players read the help pages. If you still feel lost feel free to ask other players for help. They can show you the surroundings and can help you with your first steps. Almost of of your equipment is persistent. That means, that you won't lose your equipment when you leave Tubmud. It will be saved and when you login the next time you will start with the same equipment you had when you left Tubmud.


With the time you will gain more experience and thus you will be able to raise your level and stats. There are many ways to gain experience. The most important ones are:
  • Explore the game. Try to have a look at the whole world. The more areas you investigate, the higher your explore level points will go up and therefore your experience will increase.
  • Solve quests. The elemental south on the Rocky Mouth knows many quests. Every time you solve a quest, you will be granted extra experience points. Additionally there are small quests, which are not listed on the Rocky Mouth, which also grant you experience and quest level points.
  • Fight hostile monsters. You get experience points for defeating monsters, depending on how dangerous they have been. You will receive extra experience for slaying a monster for the first time. The more different monsters you slay the higher are your combat level points, the higher is your extra experience.
You can spend your experience to increase your stats on the Rocky Mouth. If you die you lose 1/3 of your experience.


There are 40 levels for players in Tubmud. To reach a new level you need a certain amount of levelpoints.

Needed Levelpoints
Level Levelpoints Level Levelpoints Level Levelpoints Level Levelpoints

Your level points are the sum of your activities in solving quests, exploring the world and slaying monsters. You can see these points with the 'score' command. Dying will not lower your level. Being level 2 you can't become level 1 again. To advance to level 20 you need at least 400 level points from quests, 200 from explore and 200 from combat. As soon as you reached level 20 or higher you may become wizard or peer. Players above level 20 are called high level players.


Each player has four stats defined: Str, Int, Dex and Con.
Str - Strength, affects your carrying capacity.
Con - Constitution, affects your health.
Int - Intelligence, affects your spellcasting ability.
Dex - Dexterity, affects your fighting ability.
As a beginner you start with all stats at 1, but you may raise them freely to a sum of 16. So a visit on the Rocky Mouth very soon is highly recommended. There is no upper limit for a single stat, but the sum of all your stats is limited by your level. The cost for advancing a certain stat depends only on the sum of your stats and not on the value of that stat. So raising strength for someone with Str 4, Int, 4, Con 4, Dex 4 costs the same as for someone with Str 13, Int 1, Con 1, Dex 1. These values can be raised by paying experience points to one of the elementals at the western part on the Rocky Mouth north of Glandon.


By slaying monsters you will receive both experience points (useful to raise your stats) and level points (required to advance your level). The first time you slay a certain creature your level points will go up, depending on the level of the creature. You additionally receive experience for the first kill of a monster. The more different monsters you already killed the higher is the experience if you kill a new one.

It's not necessary that you are the one who gives the monster the final blow. You may slay monsters together with other players. If you did enough damage to the monster you will also receive the level points even if you are not the one who actually killed the monster.

Of course you still receive experience points for slaying a creature more than once. This is the experience you notice immediately by typing 'score'. All other experience, the one given by quests, by exploring or by killing a monster for the first time, will be granted when you arrive on the Rocky Mouth north of Glandon. For reaching level 20 - and thus necessary for becoming a wizard - you are required to have at least 200 level points from combat.


If you travel through this world, you will visit many interesting places and do many interesting things there. This will increase your level points. Additionally you will receive experience points for discovering new things. The more things you already discovered the higher is the experience you receive for finding something new. For becoming level 20 you need at least 200 level points from exploring.


There are many quests in Tubmud which are just waiting for you to be solved. You can obtain information about the quests from the elemental at the southern part on the Rocky Mouth (north of Glandon).

Solving quests is one way to acquire level points (which determine your level). When you solve a quest for the first time you receive a certain amount of level points, depending on the quest's weight.

By solving quests you also receive experience. The more quests you already solved the more experience you receive for solving a new one. If you solve a quest more than once you still receive experience, but a reduced value.

In order to advance to the levels 5, 10, 15 and 20 you are required to have a minimum of level points out of quests. Currently you need 35 points for level 5, 125 for level 10, 250 for level 15 and 400 for level 20.

Tubmud also has several tiny quests which are not listed on the Rocky Mouth. They are called scenarios and are treated the same concerning level points and experience.

Read more about Tubmud's quests on the quests page.

Advancing levels

You can advance your level at the elemental on the Rocky Mouth. To advance your level you need a certain amount of levelpoints. Additional you need Guarantors when you reach a new class. Every player starts in the class of the novices. After every fifth level of advancement he automatically enters a new class. Namely Tubmud has the following classes:

Level Class Guarantors Level Class Guarantors
1 - 4novice - 25 - 29superior 5
5 - 9learner 1 30 - 34expert 6
10 - 14advanced 2 35 - 39champion 7
15 - 19experienced 3 40genius 8
20 - 24great 4    

Everybody may be a guarantor. Even wizards are explicitely allowed to participate. If there are less people logged on than you would need or if they all are idle or marked as away advancement also works with less guarantors. The Rocky Mouth will tell you the exact number in that case.

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