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In order to gain experience and needed quest points for levels, the players have to solve several quests and scenarios such as 'kill an evil necromancer' or 'loot the treasury of a castle'. For each solved quest the player will get a certain ammount of quest points (depending on the level of the player and the toughness of a quest) and level points. Some of the quests can be solved alone, some of them only in teamwork. There are 34 quests in Tubmud. Scenarios are similar to quests, but they're not big enough to be quests or they are too old to be quests anymore, so a few of the scenarios are former quests. The player will get quest points for solved scenarios too. There are about 30 scenarios in Tubmud. It's up to you which of the quests you want to solve, but in order to raise your level you'll have to solve at least a few of them.

A list of all quests in Tubmud
Quest Creator
Are you brave enough Alethia
Babydream is in danger! Some (maintained by Walchy)
Be kind to an old lady. Alethia
Break into Angmar's treasury! Angmar (maintained by Coogan)
Breakfast at Tiffany's Tody and Kayleigh
Buck's Labyrinth! Tody and Kayleigh
Build your own castle Lila (maintained by Domain Deathbat)
Discover the magical Teddyland Leonardo
Find Padrone's walking castle and return it to him. Padrone
Find Wurk and free the Archwizards. Surak
Find the lost expedition. Iolo
Find the seven magic swords of Wayland. Yaro (maintained by Coogan)
Free the golden country. Some (maintained by Walchy)
Free the magic sword Excalibur from its prison. Yaro (maintained by Coogan)
Get an iconograph and make seven pictures. Zweiblum (maintained by Coogan)
Go to another world??? Why not? It might be possible! Domain Momu
Har-Salan has a quest for you. Ereborn
Help Robin Hood to free the Lady Morgaine. Yaro (maintained by Coogan)
Help the President of the sleepwalkers. Joe
Help the poor inhabitants of Argonath. Fangorn
Herbert needs your help! Joe
Restore the crown of the Welsh dragon. Mllynwrlch
Retrieve the Amulet of Yendor. Murks (maintained by Shasta)
Return to the other world. Domain Momu
Revive some glorious knights of a forgotten age. Ethakar
Slay the evil necromancer kobayashi!. Chrisp (maintained by Coogan)
Solve the problems of the rainforest. Iolo
Stop the Breeding. Sauron (maintained by Sunblood)
Stop the Return of Zydonia. Domain Deathbat
The Lands of Havoc. Wizward (maintained by Coogan)
The Realm of Witches is in danger. Ardanna (maintained by Domain Deathbat)
The crown of the dragons, a famous legend Carador
The secret police has a mission to fulfill for you. Padrone
What is going on in those bushes??? Domain Momu

You can get a description for each quest at the Rocky Mouth, north of Glandon (the login point for all new players).

There is no list of the scenarios, but you'll find them when you explore the mud. Just have an open eye on the surroundings when you wander around in Tubmud.

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