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There are some facts about life, universe and everything in Tubmud concerning its special qualities, the game itself and communication between players.

* At the annual Tubmud meeting in Trier 1995, we wrote a new text for the famous german song Major Tom, by Peter Schilling and called it The Tubmud Song.

* The archive of the Tubmud Magazine
(Collected and compiled by Ereborn@Tubmud)

* The Tubmud Picture Gallery
(Collected and compiled by Surak@Tubmud)

*Perhaps you want to read a few articles about Tubmud or muds in general.

*A few members of the Tubmud community have written their own private Tubmud homepage. You can visit them here.

To further the good relations between the mud-citizens, at least one big mud meeting is held each year (up till now all have taken place in Germany during the summer vacations) where everybody is welcome who is willing and able to attend. additionally there are New Years Eve meetings and weekly pub meetings. More information about that on the meetings page.

Links to other Mud related Sites

* MUDs - Multi User Dimensions [GERMaN]
(Computer Mediated Communication, University of Köln, Germany)

* Mud.DE: Interessengemeinschaft Virtueller Welten im deutschsprachigen Raum [GERMAN]
(Maintained by Mud.DE)

* The MUD Resource Collection
(Collected and compiled by Lydia Leong, International Organization of Internet Clock Watchers)

* The MUD archive
(Maintained by Lauren P. Burka, Apocalypse.Org)

* Journal of MUD Research
(Mellers Decision Laboratory, University of California, Berkely, USA)

If you find a ressource that might fits to those listed on this page, please give us a hint and let us know the Url. Thanks :)


On Cardiff's Mud Page you find various mudlists and a database to search for other muds. George Reese's LPMud Directory (and also his FAQ of the Imaginary LPMud Centre) is especially about LPmuds. Another kind of databases are The Mud Connector and the Yahoo MUD Page.

Additionally have a look at the famous list of MUDs in Germany.

Selected Muds

You can find the muds located in Germany on the The German MUD List.

- Infinity's WWW-pages

Infinity is the LPmud which is hosted by Legacy Creative Ventures in Seattle, Washington State, USA.

- Lysator's Mud WWW-pages

Lysator is an academic computer society at Linköping University, Sweden. Three muds and their WWW-pages are running at Lysator's computers.
*NannyMUD - The main mud at Lysator and its WWW-pages.
*SvenskMUD (in swedish) - The first mud in swedish and its WWW-pages (in swedish).
*Regenesis (BSX-MUD) - a graphical mud and its WWW-pages.

- TimeWarp's WWW-pages

TimeWarp is the LPmud which is hosted by ServInt Corporation in McLean, Virginia, USA.

- VikingMud's WWW-pages

VikingMUD is the LPmud of ProgramVareVerkstedet which is a student society at the University of Trondheim, Norway.

If you know other mudlists or muds with WWW-pages, please give us a hint or let us know the URL. Thanks... :-)

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